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Titel: Moffat
Skrivet av: Jeff Benson skrivet 2007-03-01, 23:35
Hej Ingalill,
Thank you very much for the wonderful posting about family Moffat. I was very interested in this information. My ancestors include the Isabella Maria Moffat and Börje Hellgren you mention at the end. I was thrilled to learn that Captain Robert Moffat was related to Clan Moffat in Scotland. I had previously thought the similarity in names was just a coincidence.
One small problem. I checked Kila (S) death records on Genline (C:6, 1746-1774). Based on what I know about Isabella Maria Moffat the place and date of her death seem reasonable. Unfortunately, I could not find her death entry in the church records for 1752 or several years earlier or later. What is your source for the 1752 death date? I know that her son, Robert Niklas Hellgren, lived at Ny (S) socken in 1752. Could her death perhaps be recorded there?
Thank you again.
Jeff Benson