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Titel: Avradsfrihet
Skrivet av: Maryann Rosie skrivet 2009-11-06, 15:47
Can anyone tell me what this would mean in English? Context is Olof Eriksson Bonde in Stugun
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Biography Received March 19, 1540 by King Christian (lll) Fredriksson avradsfrihet like his two brothers and Bengt Ivar. Source: Erik Eriksson Stugun Genealogical Book Part 1  
In Swedish
Erhöll den 19 mars 1540 av konung Christian (lll) Fredriksson avradsfrihet i likhet med sina bägge bröder Bengt och Ivar. Källa: Erik Eriksson Stuguns släktbok del 1
Titel: Avradsfrihet
Skrivet av: Leif Tennare skrivet 2009-11-06, 19:06
'Avrad' was a fee paid by the farmer to the land-owner or the state.  
In this case they were relieved from this burden by the King, which implies that the land belonged to the crown.