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Titel: Dahlberg, Sophia , Kalle and Svea
Skrivet av: Jack Harrold skrivet 2004-01-19, 03:46
I seek information regarding subject individuals and/or my grandfather, Johan (John) Axel Andersson, born in 1863. To include Johan's sisters, Sophia Dahlberg, born 1868, and Olivia (birth date and last name not known)and his brother, Fredrick (birth date not known).
My grandparents, Johan and Anna Johanna Johnsdotter (Hannah Olson) lived near Göteborg - possibly members of Gustovi Parish, and changed their last name to Sjoberg - the name of the Estate where he worked - shortly before immigrating to America in 1891-1892.
Sophia Dalberg lived in Partelle Stan/Stora. Her husband worked for the Partelle Harrgard Estate for 14 years. They had two children: Kalle (Carl) born 1901 and Svea, born 1908.
Olivia lived in Alingsäs. A daughter lived in Norway.
A son of brother, Fredrick, immigrated to America. When he did so, and where he settled, are not known.
Thank you very much for your kind consideration. Any information regarding these individuals will be a huge assist to the fourteen year study that I have been doing of my ancestry!