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Titel: Strandberg, Carl Mauritz
Skrivet av: Jennifer Veer skrivet 2005-03-29, 07:18
I am looking for my ancestor, Carl Mauritz Strandberg, born 28 Sept 1832 in Stockholm.  His father was a higher-ranked officer in the King's Guard at the time. Carl's mother died and Carl was placed in an orphange.  Carl's sister (name unknown)was taken in by the mother's  parents, who were from Värmland and were wealthy, possibly of nobility. I would like to find Carl's parent's names, but I can't find the parish in Stockholm.  I located Carl in Wimmerby as a young man and he was listed as an orphan, coming in to Wimmerby in 1852 with Besked No 38.  A couple took him in and their names were Anders Jonsson and Maja Stina Swensdotter.  Does someone have access to an orphan's list in Stockholm?  Is there a special orphanage for the King's military children in Stockholm??  Could someone pleaase do a look-up for me?  Many thanks!!