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Titel: Greta Stina Norbäck (Margareta Christina Norbeck?)
Skrivet av: Carla Nelson skrivet 2022-01-23, 00:46
I am desperately searching for my 4th great-grandmother, Greta Stina Norbeck. (I do not know if she ever used a patronymic name.) Her formal name may have been Margareta (or Margreta) Christina Norbeck. I know nothing more about her, except that she gave birth to my 3rd great-grandmother, Regina Christina Norbeck on 6 Sep 1785 at the Pro Patria Maternity Hospital in Adolf Fredrik Parish, Stockholm, Sweden. I do not believe that Greta Stina was married at the time.
I do not know when she was born, who her family was, or what parish she was from. Her name is the only information I have. I have searched everywhere I can think of, for several years, and I cannot find her anywhere!
I am desperate to find her, so that I can learn more about her and about my ancestors who came before her. I have attached some documents in hopes that someone can provide some information that will help me find Greta Stina.
I am grateful for any help you can provide. Thank you!