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Titel: Swedes living near Hamburg
Skrivet av: Robert Olson skrivet 2021-01-30, 21:54
I am trying to locate the origins of two Swedish person who wear living in Harburg, near Hamburg(?), They are Johan George Gottfried August Nilson, born in Sweden about July 1851, and his wife Dorothee Charlotte Luise Larsdotter, born ca 1851 in Sweden, and ca 1929 in St. Paul, Minnesota. They had two children born in Marburg, Gemany--1, Anna Mathilda Amanda Charlotte, born in Harburg, Germany on Dec 7, 1874, and died in St. Paul Minnesota May 11 1939; 2, Georg Otto Salomon Nilsson, born Aug 2, 1876 in Harburg, and died there Jan 9, 1880. I am unsure when Johan Georg and his wife, Dorothee left for the USA, but there were living in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1885, In the USA Johan used the name John Nelson.
I wonder if the origins of the family could be found using passenger lists going to Hamburg or other sources. Thank you